We’ve Got Insurance Policies as Structurally Sound as Your Home

Dan M Weier Agency will help you find the right homeowners insurance plan in Lake Villa, IL or Phoenix, AZ

Do you have coverage to protect your most valuable property? If not, you need to call Dan M Weier Agency today. Whether you own a house or condominium in the Phoenix, AZ or Lake Villa, IL area, we can help you find the affordable coverage you need.

Our services include:

Our services include:

  • Offering insurance plans to help protect your home against weather, fire, theft, vandalism and more.
  • Offering renter’s insurance policies to cover your personal property.
  • Helping you choose coverage from companies such as AAA, Safeco, Travelers, Nationwide, MetLife, Kemper, State Auto, and National General.
  • Finding a homeowners insurance plan that fits your family’s needs and budget.

Protect your home in the Lake Villa, IL or Phoenix, AZ area. Call our Illinois location at 847-356-6400 or Arizona location at 602-344-9886 to schedule a free consultation with Dan M Weier Agency and receive a quote today.